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MiKis Welcome!

Miki (pronounced “me-key”) dogs are a delightful toy breed.  They are very rare and were introduced to the United states in the 1980’s.  The breed was derived from the very best of the Papillon, Maltese, and Japanese Chin.

MiKi dogs are known for their intelligence and playfulness. They are extremely and quickly adjust to their surroundings. They are full of energy, will run and play one moment,and then can transform into calm, well-behaved companions the next. Because of their upbeat temperament they make wonderful therapy dogs.  They are perfect lap dogs weighing around 3-10 pounds. These dogs are ideal for apartment living and can be easily trained to use a litter box or puppy pads.

Overall, MiKi dogs are a fantastic breed.   Their loyalty emerges as they become a part of your family, and shared ties quickly form.   They need you just as much as you need them.  You will find that their love and happiness makes them friendly to other animals and people, young and and old alike.   You can easily see the selective breeding which has created their sweet engaging personalities and calm companionship.   This is a perfect little companion for just about everyone!

We are located in Colorado Springs, CO.

Please contact Dixie Gilbreth for more information by telephone

 719-217-0474 Email to mikimom1@gmail.com

 Email to mikimom1@gmail.com

MiKi dogs are a non-shedding breed.  They have hair instead of fur, making them perfect for those with dog allergies.  They are relatively low maintenance as well.  The long coat variety needs weekly brushing and the smooth coat calls for even less.

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